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The Maximalist Homes of Instagram

There is something fun about collecting items that bring you joy, have a meaning (maybe as family heirlooms that you cannot give up) or maybe you are just a magpie that likes shiny new things and need to bring them home with you.

You are definitely a maximalist if picking new cushions for your sofa each season is where you get your dopamine from. We get it, we've been there too. But there's a fine line between living life as a maximalist interiors aficionado and just having a cluttered home.

Today's blog post explores our favorite homes on Instagram that embrace maximalist without fear. If you want to know how they do it and the tips for all the latest finds this seasons to own and show off in your home, read on!

Maximalist interior decor


The terracotta and grey colours of this maximalist home will blow you away

Leicester-based Glen Handley is an interiors stylist focusing on budget DIY and thoughtful up-cycling projects. In his living room, you can often see Mona Lisa, The girl with the Pearl Earring and Frida Kahlo. All set against lime-washed walls, rattan furniture and checkerboard rugs. Enough said.


Playing with Maximalism while staying Neutral in your colours

Instagram user Camille (aka modern.thrifter ) explores maximalism from the mid-century monochromatic point of view. Light and dark browns, white and black take centre stage in her 1300 sq ft maximalist home in California that is full of thrift finds.


There is no gallery wall like a maximalist's gallery wall

And not only is Marianna's (aka @the_decor_studio) gallery wall one to lust after, she also has a curated collection of items that she sells online through her account, so go on, give her a follow and check out her collections.

We do love good curated wall art as a way of making a home look cohesive and fun.


If Maximalism was Pink and Red

Then it would be Poppy's home (aka @letsgotopoppys). This NHS Nurse has prettyfied her first home with pastel and neon colours and it's working! We haven't seen a home as happy as this one! Oh, and you have got to see her nursery wallpaper. It's fruity!

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